The Hon. Prof. M.S. Bokarius Kharkiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations informs you that the preparation of the next (eighteenth) issue of a specialized publication - a collection of scientific papers «Theory and Practice of Forensic Examinations and Criminalistics» - begins.

With sincere wishes of fruitful cooperation, we invite You to send materials that will be considered by the editorial board of the collection.

The collection is published for the purpose of timely and systematic publication of the results of scientific research on theory and practice of forensic science, criminalistics, the application of normative and legal acts on forensic expert activity, methodological developments carried out in forensic expert institutions, other research institutions, higher educational institutions, law enforcement and judicial bodies of Ukraine and foreign countries.

The articles should have such necessary elements: statement of the problem as a whole and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent research and publications in which the solution to this problem has been initiated and on which the author relies, the allocation of parts of the general problem, which have not been resolved before and to which the article is devoted; formulation of the objectives of the article (statement of the problem); the presentation of the main material of the study with full justification of the scientific results obtained; conclusions on the conducted research and prospects for further research in this direction. The collection also accepts materials on expert, investigative and forensic practice. The articles should be sent with reviews or extracts from the minutes of meetings of scientific councils, departments, laboratories with a recommendation for publication. In each issue of the collection there should be no more than one article of the author or co-author.

Please send materials to the collection signed by the author (co-authors) both on paper and by e-mail with the note «Collection-18, name and initials of the author» by June 1, 2018.

We draw your attention to the need to accompany the article in the collection by an extended resume in English (250-300 words), as well as to provide the text (in Russian) from which the translation was performed for professional editing. In addition, you should provide the translation of the title of the article into English, the surname, name and patronymic of the author (co-authors).

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject an article that does not meet the established requirements or topics of the collection. The rejected articles are not returned.